A wheaten yellow hide, magnificent lyre-shaped horns, black patches around their eyes that look makeup with kohl. At first glance, the Aubrac cow has a presence that asserts its difference. Rustic suckler cow, the Aubrac develops many undeniable breeding qualities.
Suckler cows' barn

Born on the Aubrac plateau, the breed has adapted perfectly to the Aveyron extreme climate conditions: difference in temperature, wind, and cold. Its robustness and resistance are recognized qualities. Solidly built and with a moderate size, the Aubrac cow can walk long distances.

Our cows have a seasonal cycle. During the summer, they graze in mountain areas, and around the farm in the mid-season. They stay inside the breeding barn during the winter to ensure breeding and calving. Our calves are exclusively suckled by their mothers for a period of ten months after their birth. Then they graze in the mountain pasture. At the weaning, the calves are separated from their mothers and they eat a natural feed consisting of wild hay, cereals, and flaxseed for a proper balance of omega-3 and omega-6.



  • Christian Valette always closer to their animals.
  • Our cows always have brushes around to ensure they welfare