On the Vialars Farm, we are committed to saving the planet by producing clean power and by reducing the methane produced by our animals.
Julien explaining us the metanisation process.


Ruminants are regularly fingered as culprits in the emission of greenhouse gases. That is why we have decided in our own way to reduce them as much as possible. By feeding our cows with high quality forage and extruded flax seeds rich in Omega 3, we have seen that the methane emissions have been reduced by 20%, as confirmed by recent scientific studies.



The photovoltaic energy is the environmental asset of the Vialars Farm. In order to reduce our ecological footprint, we have installed solar panels that cover all the roofs of our barns. It is an alternative solution to traditional fossil fuels and offers a sustainable and smart choice for power generation.



One of the farming challenges is to valorize manure. Spreading it on our meadows to take advantage of this natural fertilizer has always been our basic principle. But we wanted to go even further by adding value to manure.

For a few months now, our manure has been processed in a biogas plant in Sainte Geneviève sur Argence, about fifteen kilometers from the farm. Once treated, the manure is brought back in digestate form that is directly available to plants as organic matter residues. And on top of that, the manure is converted into methane that will be transformed into electricity.

  • Our animals in the plateau.
  • Christian Valette and the cow "Castagne" with her calf receiving a prize in Paris.